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Protect soft wood, such as scaffolding wood and Douglas wood, in an invisible way with this unique product. Care 102 is based on nanotechnology and developed for industry. Water and oil repellent, invisible, 100% breathable, UV filter, long-lasting protection against external influences.
Easily make all types of textiles water-repellent. This product cannot be compared to the usual sprays that you will find at the clothing and shoe stores. After applying the spray, textile is 100% water, oil and dirt repellent with very long-acting properties for an extra long time. Unique is the possibility to wash clothes without the product losing its effect.
This Care 202 has been specially developed for harder woods such as oak, teak and tropical hardwood. Moisture no longer penetrates the wood, so that the surface is protected for a long time. The wood retains a clean appearance while the treated wood remains 100% breathable. Perfect for wooden garden furniture and for teak decks. The liquid is completely transparent and does not change the natural appearance of the wood.

Please note, always pre-treat the wood with the Marine PF Clean 201
Clean soft wood such as scaffolding wood and Douglas wood to new condition with this unique product. Clean 101 is based on nanotechnology and developed for industry. Sustainable water-based product.

Brushing 2.0: quickly finished, sustainable consumption, long-lasting effect, beautiful appearance.
Rub once, rub once and you're done! Enough to keep your car, motorcycle or bicycle protected and shiny for a very long time, up to more than a year. The unique environmentally friendly, silicone-free paint protection, which is also safe for glass and rubbers, gives car polish a new dimension. The nano coating provides a transparent wear-resistant (car wash proof) layer with water-repellent, scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent properties, making dirt and dust more difficult to adhere. Glossy paint is even more beautiful, but also matte paint or matte, satin car-motorcycle-bicycle wrap film retains its deep, original, matte appearance after brushing! Also very suitable for camper and caravan. The hand-friendly coating is very durable in use and 100% environmentally friendly