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Smart products for cleaning and protection

Profluid offers a whole range of smart products for inside and outside the home, for cleaning and protecting soft and hard woods, for cleaning and making all textiles and shoes water-repellent, up to products for cleaning and protection of sanitary and kitchen applications and removing unpleasant smells. Effective products including beautiful appearance and with little consumption.

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Easily make all types of textiles water-repellent. This product cannot be compared to the usual sprays that you will find at the clothing and shoe stores. After applying the spray, textile is 100% water, oil and dirt repellent with very long-acting properties for an extra long time. Unique is the possibility to wash clothes without the product losing its effect.
A smart impregnation specially developed for leather, suede and textiles (blended yarns). The fresh smelling product provides extra long-lasting water, dirt and oil repellent nano protection. Due to the impregnation, your most important items of clothing, shoes and sneakers are not only invisible and colorless protected, but they also remain 100% breathable and retain a beautiful appearance for longer. For use on cotton and plastic sneakers, suede, nubuck, leather shoes and bags, jackets, chairs. And, very economical in consumption!
Do you ever suffer from unpleasant odors? The PF Odor 407 removes all unpleasant odors quickly and effectively. Specially developed for smelling shoes, clothing, carpet, cooking smells, toilet, nicotine air and even the (wet) smell of pets.
Good hygiene has priority at home or at work, the smart Clean & Protec 401 is very suitable for regular cleaning and maintenance of all sanitary ware, taps and glass at home and at work. The product cleans tiles, washbasins, toilets, taps, shower areas and plastic surfaces in a deep cleaning manner and leaves a small protective nano layer behind in the same cleaning movement. For a smooth, beautiful look that reduces dirt adhesion. Regular use strengthens the effect and increases hygiene.
Are you tired of the short duration of products against fungus? You keep using them daily without sufficient results? That is now a thing of the past with this active mold protector. This unique product based on nano technology actively protects against all fungi for up to three years. Easily use the product in the bathroom or in other wet areas on joints, stucco, wood and other absorbent surfaces.
A stain in your sofa or clothing is very annoying and a shame of course! Pro Fluid has a quick and easy solution for you. Dissolve one capful of Clean 501 in a liter of water. Just soak with a sponge or soft brush and your stain is gone.
An incredibly powerful product, without any drawbacks: Protec 206 protects smooth surfaces, makes smooth surfaces 100% dirt-repellent and is 0% visible.

There is a huge difference in quality and durability between Protec 206 and traditional products. Traditional products such as waxes form a layer on the surface. Protec 206 makes a chemical bond with the substrate, which greatly improves the dirt-repellent properties while remaining 100% invisible.
The Care 103 has been specially developed to prevent smoothness and green deposits on stone. The product has a self-cleaning effect. The product easily removes mold and algae from stone, for a radiant and long-lasting result. Once the dirt is gone, it stays. Due to the water and oil repellent properties of the product, including UV filter, further formation of algae and fungi is prevented for a long time (1-2 years depending on the specific situation).
Clean soft wood such as scaffolding wood and Douglas wood to new condition with this unique product. Clean 101 is based on nanotechnology and developed for industry. Sustainable water-based product.
This Care 202 has been specially developed for harder woods such as oak, teak and tropical hardwood. Moisture no longer penetrates the wood, so that the surface is protected for a long time. The wood retains a clean appearance while the treated wood remains 100% breathable. Perfect for wooden garden furniture and for teak decks. The liquid is completely transparent and does not change the natural appearance of the wood.

Please note, always pre-treat the wood with the Marine PF Clean 201
A very fast and effective wood cleaner. Cleans harder woods to new condition with great ease and quick results. The gray and dirty layer is brushed from and out of the wood, after which the beautiful original color appears again. Ready for long-term impregnation with the PF Care 202
Protect soft wood, such as scaffolding wood and Douglas wood, in an invisible way with this unique product. Care 102 is based on nanotechnology and developed for industry. Water and oil repellent, invisible, 100% breathable, UV filter, long-lasting protection against external influences.