You naturally want to keep things that are outside as beautiful as possible for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are quite a few weather influences that affect materials. Rain, wind and sunlight all have an impact on commonly used properties such as means of transport. How do you protect your belongings against these effects? Impregnation ensures good protection so that your belongings last longer.


Impregnation is the permeation of a certain material with another substance. This technique is often used to protect materials or surfaces against external influences such as water, fungus, scratches or even fire. Often it is about protecting a certain substance by spraying liquid over it. Things that are used a lot outside are especially sensitive to weather influences.

There are many different materials that can all be impregnated. You may already be familiar with impregnating clothing. Hiking clothing often has a water-repellent or waterproof effect that becomes less effective over time. Washing with a special impregnating detergent then helps to restore these properties. But clothes are not the only thing that can be impregnated. Below we discuss the impregnation of entire means of transport such as a car, motorcycle, camper, caravan, bicycle and boat. This is all aimed at protecting these products against unwanted external influences.

Cleaning car and engine motor

Our special Cleanprotec Automotive products are suitable for impregnating the interior and exterior of your car or motorcycle. This impregnating agent comes in a handy spray bottle with which you can easily spray larger surfaces. Think of it as a kind of brushing 2.0: you're done quickly, the product has a long-lasting effect and your car looks like new again.

How does impregnating your car or motorcycle work? With the Nano Coating Auto Shine 'Go spray you create a nano coating that you rub in once and rub out once. This creates a transparent wear-resistant layer with water-repellent, scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent properties.

Make sure the surfaces are clean first. For this you can, for example, use the Nano Interior Cleaner or the Nano Car Shampoo. A clean material absorbs the impregnating agent better and will benefit the effect. Look here for the best products to clean your car interior.

Cleaning camper and caravan

Just like a car, you can also impregnate a caravan or motorhome inside and out. By applying the coating to upholstery, you ensure that your faithful holiday companion lasts longer. Whether it concerns plastic materials, metal parts, stickers, wheels, paint or glass: with the Nano coating Camper & Caravan Protec 'n Camp spray you protect your entire motorhome or caravan against the weather.

In our webshop we sell all kinds of cleaning and impregnating agents especially for caravans and motorhomes. These products are not only good for the restoration of surfaces and materials, but also provide a very fresh and neat appearance. The outside of your caravan will be completely car wash proof again and glossy paint will be even more beautiful. The spray is 100% environmentally friendly and very sustainable in use.

You can also contact us for cleaning products for these means of transport to create the perfect basis for impregnation. With a textile cleaner and protector, interior cleaner and concentrated shampoo you can clean your caravan or motorhome completely.

Impregnate bicycle

Bicycles are perhaps the most used in our flat country. Many people use their bicycles every day, but maintenance of the steel horses often leaves something to be desired. That's why we at Everything Impregnation make it easy for you with special cleaning products for all types of bicycles and e-bikes. Because let's face it, your bike simply deserves the best protection.

The cleaning products Clean 'n Bike are aimed at easy cleaning of your bicycle. That is why these products have a 2-in-1 action that simultaneously provides cleaning and protection. An innovative and new product that cleans and protects by impregnation. This way you are assured of long-lasting results and you only have to repeat the treatment after a long time.

Our product is suitable for all kinds of bicycle brands such as the well-known names Gazelle, Batavus and Sparta. Also suitable for racing bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes and folding bikes! Look here for a overview of cleaning products for bicycles.

Impregnation agents for boat and water sports

If there is one mode of transport that has to endure a lot from the weather, it is a boat. Pleasure boats such as sloops with a teak deck must be well protected against moisture. Exterior care is essential to maintain the beautiful wood look of your boat exterior.

Our smart boat cleaning products provide the protection of superstructure, teak deck, underwater ship, plastic, powder coat, boat paint, toilet and galley. With the nano coating spray you can impregnate your boat without noticing it. The silane coating is UV resistant and adheres to the substrate and provides a deep shine. Of course, this also applies to other water sports equipment that floats in the water all season long. With the right cleaning and impregnating agents, all your things will last a long time!

Are you wondering whether you can also apply impregnating agents at home? Which can! How about impregnating a sofa, for example? Or protect your house by impregnating a facade. You can also protect teak wood in the garden against outside influences with al these products to protect and impregnate your home and furniture.

At All Impregnation we have the best products for impregnation ready for you. Order your products online via our webshop. We offer the highest quality at attractive prices for both individuals and companies. And do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our customer service.