Nano coatings and cleaners for car & motorcycle

Smartly clean and protect your car or motorcycle by hand and environmentally friendly

The compact range of highly effective products from Cleanprotec Automotive is characterized by low consumption and great effect. Washing and polishing a car or motorcycle has never been easier with a result that will amaze you.

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42% discount when purchasing the entire set

Brushing 2.0: quickly finished, sustainable consumption, long-lasting effect, beautiful appearance.
Rub once, rub once and you're done! Enough to keep your car, motorcycle or bicycle protected and shiny for a very long time, up to more than a year. The unique environmentally friendly, silicone-free paint protection, which is also safe for glass and rubbers, gives car polish a new dimension. The nano coating provides a transparent wear-resistant (car wash proof) layer with water-repellent, scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent properties, making dirt and dust more difficult to adhere. Glossy paint is even more beautiful, but also matte paint or matte, satin car-motorcycle-bicycle wrap film retains its deep, original, matte appearance after brushing! Also very suitable for motorhome and caravan. The hand-friendly coating is very durable in use and 100% environmentally friendly

42% discount when purchasing the entire set

Cleaning and protecting the dashboard and upholstery, while retaining the gloss or matt appearance
Once the exterior of your car shines with the Shine 'n Go and the Wash' n Go, it is time to tackle the interior of your car. For this Cleanprotec has developed this interior multi-cleaner. This is a multi-cleaner for your dashboard and your upholstery in one product. Plastic, leather, velor, glass and all other conceivable materials that you encounter on the inside of your car can be cleaned safely and thoroughly with this unique product.

42% discount when purchasing the entire set

An effective and durable shampoo with a smart layer of radiant coating
A concentrated cleaner for the exterior of your car, motorcycle or bicycle. Because a small concentration of coating has been added to the cleaner, the surface is slightly better protected with every wash. Unique, ecologically responsible product. Easy to apply with a sponge, dry immediately without rinsing. No risk of droplet formation.
Everyone knows the problem of unpleasant odors in the car. These odors are easily caused by food, drinks, pets, sportswear, smoking and more. Fortunately, we now have the solution: the Cleanprotec Fresh 'n Go.