About us

Impregnation of everything originated from a fascination for high quality products. The administrators of this web store have years of experience in industry and retail with products for cleaning, protecting and impregnating various surfaces and materials. In recent years, much has been invested in broadening the range within this specialization. The choice for Profluid and Cleanprotec products fitted in well with our philosophy and ambition. The brands originate from the industry and are part of a holding company with a focus on Research & Development of sustainable, smart technological product solutions. For large international companies. These brands also wanted to offer products directly to private individuals and that is how a collaboration was eventually established.

Profluid specializes in products for Home & Garden (including wood treatment products) and Ecofresh cleaning products with increased hygiene. Cleanprotec focuses on the Marine, Mobility (Car, Camper & Caravan, E-Bikes) and Facility markets. With the wood and textile impregnation products and we now belong to the Top-5 of the market.
All products are sustainable in use, developed with the latest sustainable techniques and are human, material and environmentally friendly.

Company and product reviews
Of course we have a 100% guarantee; not happy, money back. We actually don't know about returns and that is due to the high quality of products and logically also very high ratings.

As a total company we score an 8.7 out of 10 (964 reviews on customer service, shipping, how the website works, etc.) and on the general product reviews we score a 4.6 out of 5 stars (530 reviews). Reviews that we are proud of and which we now work hard on every day with 15 colleagues.

The products are all in stock in our warehouse in Lekkerkerk and we do not have a physical store to collect the products. That shouldn't be a problem either, as we ship for free*.

The holding company behind the brands Profluid and Cleanprotec develops and produces the products itself. This enables them to develop products that meet the latest environmental and sustainability requirements that we stand for as Alles Impregneren.
In our vision, we believe that we all have a duty to create a liveable world for future generations.

Are you a company?
We supply at attractive purchasing conditions especially for companies with a need for larger volumes. For more information about this you can contact us directly or Look here for more information.