Interior cleaning in 1 product for all materials

After cleaning 2.0, there is certainly time for the interior. A smart all-purpose cleaner for all soft and hard, shiny or matt materials cleans and protects in 1 operation while retaining material properties. Also for camper and caravan. We mean that with ease

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Cleaning and protecting the dashboard and upholstery, while retaining the gloss or matt appearance
Once the exterior of your car shines with the Shine 'n Go and the Wash' n Go, it is time to tackle the interior of your car. For this Cleanprotec has developed this interior multi-cleaner. This is a multi-cleaner for your dashboard and your upholstery in one product. Plastic, leather, velor, glass and all other conceivable materials that you encounter on the inside of your car can be cleaned safely and thoroughly with this unique product.