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With the compact Marine cleaning & protection range, every boat owner can proudly display their boat and maintain the value. Products for cleaning and protecting superstructure, teak deck and underwater ship, plastic, powder coat or boat paint, toilet or galley. We offer a smart and compact solution for every application; fast, effective and beautiful!

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This Care 202 has been specially developed for harder woods such as oak, teak and tropical hardwood. Moisture no longer penetrates the wood, so that the surface is protected for a long time. The wood retains a clean appearance while the treated wood remains 100% breathable. Perfect for wooden garden furniture and for teak decks. The liquid is completely transparent and does not change the natural appearance of the wood.

Please note, always pre-treat the wood with the Marine PF Clean 201
A very fast and effective wood cleaner. Cleans harder woods to new condition with great ease and quick results. The gray and dirty layer is brushed from and out of the wood, after which the beautiful original color appears again. Ready for long-term impregnation with the PF Care 202
An incredibly powerful product, without any drawbacks: Protec 206 protects smooth surfaces, makes smooth surfaces 100% dirt-repellent and is 0% visible.

There is a huge difference in quality and durability between Protec 206 and traditional products. Traditional products such as waxes form a layer on the surface. Protec 206 makes a chemical bond with the substrate, which greatly improves the dirt-repellent properties while remaining 100% invisible.
The effective cleaner with coating for a radiant ship every time after every trip.
If the surface is protected with the Protec 206 protector, it is advisable to clean every now and then with the Clean 205. This is a concentrated cleaning product of which you only need to use one cap per liter of water. Cleaning is quick with a sponge or cloth.
Boat polish 2.0: ready quickly, sustainable consumption, long-lasting effect, beautiful boat
The Shine 'n Sail is a smart nano boat protection with special properties. The water-based silane coating does not contain any silicone, is UV resistant, and adheres chemically and colorlessly to the substrate. The nano coating is easy and quick to apply, uses very little and gives a very deep shine as a result.
The concentrated daily cleaner for all outdoor materials on board
Wash 'n Sail is a daily concentrated cleaner for on board. Intended to clean possible contamination on the superstructure, the deck, the windows and the hull daily or after a boat trip. It is therefore applicable to all materials.
The smart multi-cleaner for all boat interior materials and glass
Cleanprotec products make the work on board a lot easier for many boat owners and therefore more enjoyable. The Clean 'n Sail is a smart 2: 1 multi-cleaner combined with a coating intended for cleaning and maintaining the boat interior.